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Juan Williams, Fox News Analyst, Columnist for The Hill joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the hypocrisy of President Biden imposing a covid travel ban after Biden criticized former President Trump’s covid travel restrictions.

Juan reacted to Biden’s covid travel ban saying,

“Well, I think that you’re right on this. I think that if you call somebody xenophobic and then you pursue the same path, you open yourself up for a big right hand punch to the nose. I will say that President Trump, he didn’t impose it exactly, you know, around the time that things got going, that was when he was praising China and all the rest and said this thing was not going to last very long. But I think that President Biden is ripe for criticism on this because he was pretty clear. I don’t know about the tweet. I forget what the tweet is that Jen Psaki was referring to that came from President Trump. But you know, I think that small ball, I think the larger point is if you criticize something and then do it yourself, get ready for the other team to score points.”