The coronavirus pandemic changed how we celebrated Thanksgiving last year, with small gatherings and even virtual visits for the holiday. But this year, more Americans are traveling again to reunite with loved ones for the holiday. Despite the pandemic changing how we celebrate the holidays, Thanksgiving traditions with family are still going strong across the U.S.. Abby Hornacek, host of “Park’d” on FOX Nation and the “Getting Schooled” podcast, discusses her FOX News Radio Special “Thanksgiving Traditions” where she interviewed FOX News anchors and personalities about what they’ve been looking forward to this year. Plus, she shares with us some of her family’s Thanksgiving traditions.

We’re seeing more and more that people will not surround themselves with others whose ideas and opinions don’t align with theirs. Organizational psychologist at Wharton and bestselling author Adam Grant joins today’s Fox News Rundown with special guest host Dana Perino to discuss his latest book “Think Again.” He explains why it is important for people to stop defending their beliefs, but instead rethink them

Plus, commentary by Robert Jeffress, Fox News contributor, and pastor of the Dallas First Baptist Church