The British author, Clive Staples Lewis, aka C.S. Lewis had a keen, brilliant mind, whose conversion from staunch atheist to strong Christian is the narrative of a new film, The Most Reluctant Convert. The author of such books as “Mere Christianity” and “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, which are heavily drenched in the Christian worldview… Lewis rejected Christianity early in his life after the death of his mother from cancer when he was just nine years of age. His experience of a cruel and meaningless world, brought him to the conclusion that “either there was no God behind the universe, a God indifferent to good and evil… or worse… an evil God.” On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, actor Max McLean, who wrote and stars the film, which was adapted from the stage play, talks about the filming of the movie at Oxford, England, the reason behind Lewis’s intellectual pathway to accepting the reality of an Omnipotent God and, the conversations that Lewis had with his friend J.R.R. Tolkien, who would later write, Lord of the Rings, that made his conversion complete. McLean is the founder and Artistic Director of the New York-based Fellowship of the Performing Arts.