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Dr. Nicole Saphier, Board Certified Medical Doctor, Senior Fox News Medical Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to announce her breakthrough covid diagnosis.

Dr. Nicole Saphier announced her covid case saying,

“Well, that’s right, guy, so I officially have a breakthrough infection. I’m fully vaccinated, and my littlest youngest of three boys was had a very mild cough last week and I decided to rapid him and he was positive. And lo and behold, a couple of days later, I started getting some flu like symptoms. No one else in their household, husband, other kids have tested positive. But as many people who watch Fox know, I have an autoimmune disease, I take immunosuppressant injections. So it’s not surprising that I was the one who had the breakthrough infection. And, you know, it’s mild, mild flu like I am getting antibodies. The Regeneron antibodies, as you know, has been shown to lessen your viral load, decrease the duration of your symptoms and also decrease the risk of hospitalization and severe disease. So I’m doing everything I can to further decrease my risk of severity being, of course, fully vaccinated. That’s also linked to being able to reduce the risk of severe illness.”