Long gone are the days of three or four TV channels, where networks were the behemoth gate keepers of everyone’s entertainment content. Cable TV and now streaming has taken care of that. But there’s another model rising that is challenging even Netflix and Google play. Angel Studios. This small but powerful upstart is not just going after values-based audiences, but asking the audiences to create the content, as well as the community that will support it. The submitted ideas, once accepted, will be produced through crowd-funded budgets. Angel Studios already has a hit with the series, The Chosen, a Bible-based series on the life and legacy of Jesus Christ. But there’s other content in the wings. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, talks about how he and his brothers created the new model for “Light” based content, and how Hollywood, to its detriment, really abandoned audiences who value honor and virtue.