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Johnny Joey Jones, Retired Marine, and Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the importance of remembering our service members on veterans day.

Jones said,

“I think what I love most about Veterans Day, and I know all my guys and gals I’ve served with acknowledged is really, it’s not just a single day, it’s a season. And that’s a really neat thing to see the celebrations going on. It kind of loop it back at I had a buddy that’s a Silver Star recipient was for those that don’t know, it makes them a bona fide hero. It means that the things he did should have killed him and they didn’t. And in the process, he saved somebody else and he got asked to go speak at one of these. One of the guys he served with and deployed with the VFW and that guy’s hometown, and in our group text, we all got to go on that journey with him. You know, he’s taking pictures of his uniform, he’s going to wear it and he’s taking pictures on the road and he’s taking pictures at the event and he’s sending them back to us and he’s not asking for praise, but we’re giving it to him. And that’s the kind of interaction that I just live for and love, and that’s what we need.”