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Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss why she voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Rep. Mace explained why she voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill saying,

“I’m willing to work with my colleagues on legislation, and that infrastructure bill had 42 new taxes in it, and I believe that. Ten percent of the overall funding of the 1.2 trillion. You’re only talking $40 billion, that was going to real roads and bridges. Surface transportation work. And so it was, I believe, misguided. It wasn’t bipartisan. I would call it partisan framework because I sit on the Transportation Infrastructure Committee in the House. The House is the only chamber with a transportation committee, and Republicans were shut out from amending or working on this legislation. Even the ranking member of the Transportation Committee, Sam Graves, Republican out of Missouri, was was locked out from from from amending it or working on it as well. So it’s really not bipartisan, in my opinion.”