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Dr. Nicole Saphier, Board Certified Medical Doctor, Senior Fox News Medical Contributor & bestselling author joined the Guy Benson Show to dicuess her latest oped on vaccines for children.

Dr. Saphier had this to say about mass vaccinations for children,
“So Marty and I, my friend and colleague, we have been talking about this piece for about six months. About six months ago, we wrote a piece in The Washington Post talking about why we do need a safe and effective vaccine for kids. We made the argument why there needs to be one available. This paper is, well, who gets the vaccine? Who needs it? I’m glad we have one available because we need one because there are some children who are going to be vulnerable to COVID 19, so we needed one. But now let’s take that a little bit further. And as more time has come, the delta wave, certainly we saw significantly more transmission among children. So which is why the CDC data suggests that by the end of June, over 42 percent of all kids had already had COVID 19. Now get us through the delta wave. That number is going to be over 50 percent of those. Twenty eight million children have already have the protection of natural immunity. So here’s the good news for parents. Myself included, I have two kids in the five to 11 age group when you’re sitting here faced with the decision of whether to vaccinate your kids or not. The good news is whether you choose to or not. The risk to your child is extremely low. We know the risk of a severe outcome of COVID 19 in a healthy five to 11 year old is negligible. Yes, it’s not nil. It’s not zero, but it approaches a negligible amount being so low that even 50 percent of those children in that age group who get infected are asymptomatic, let alone have the sniffles.”

Dr. Saphier also added,

“Removing of masks in children cannot and should not be contingent on vaccine mandates because if you do universal vaccine mandates in this five to 11 age group, you’re going to have some consequences of that because this Pfizer study was not powered enough to show those rare adverse events.”