(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) tells Brian Kilmeade the democrats pushing to tax billionaires led by Bernie Sanders is big government socialism. Scott explained that increasing the taxes on the rich, who already pay more in taxes, will mean they have less money to invest and will lead to fewer jobs and inevitably hurts the people at the bottom. On the border, Scott says we don’t know anything about many of those coming here illegally and that also includes those we are bring in from Afghanistan who are not being vetted. Scott believes DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas should resign because he lied when he said the border was secure and when he said he would send Haitians back. When asked about the supply chain problem, Scott feels you need to look at each regulation that is preventing the supply chain from operating smoothly which includes stopping the vaccine mandate because it reduces the number of workers needed.

Plus, Scott on the importance of the Virginia governor’s race between Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe and how it boils down to the democrats telling parents they have no right to be involved in their children’s education.