On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News Steve Hilton said why President Biden’s gives people the impression he’s empathic to the American voter, he’s actually much more shallow and narcissistic than people realize.

“He’s not some nice, genial guy who’s just kind of ordinary middle class. He’s a completely narcissistic, consumed with his own ambition, basically his entire adult life, he’s wanted to be president. Now he is president. You know, for what? There’s not a single thing he actually believes in. He’s changed his position on every single issue, going with the wind wherever the power is in his party. He is absolutely despicable, the lowest of the low, the absolute worst of politics. It was entirely predictable he would be a disaster. He’s obviously completely senile, pushed around by the forces that have the power in the Democratic Party these days, that’s the far left and the government unions and the permanent bureaucracy. But it’s even worse than that. He’s not just kind of weak and feeble and incompetent. He’s actually really nasty the in the way he relishes the idea of people losing their jobs. The people won’t get treated in hospital. There’s something really bad about him, as well as being incompetent and clueless and weak and ineffective and all the rest of it.”