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Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) joined the Guy Benson Show to react to a report from the Free Beacon that reveals the White House knew about letter that compared parents to domestic terrorists.

Senator Cornyn reacted to the stunning report, saying

“This is unfortunately entirely consistent with the way that the Biden administration and the radical left have been dealing with their their opponents, people who have different points of view trying to intimidate them, threatening to use federal authorities in. As you point out, if this was if there was anything here that should be handled at the local level, the FBI and certainly the United States attorney general and Department of Justice would not, in the first instance, be weighing in. But you may recall that President Biden also asked the director of national intelligence to report on domestic violent extremists. And then, you know, the question became, who are these people that these people exercising their rights under the First Amendment to protest to gather to associate with one another? Or were these people committing acts of violence? I just think this is the this is entirely consistent and in this instance, trying to use federal authorities to silence the administration’s critics. And it’s entirely inappropriate.”

Cornyn also reacted to the possibility that Democratic Senator Joe Manchin was considering changing his party officiation and if Republican’s would welcome the centrist into their party , saying

“Sure, we would welcome him, but I don’t believe for a second that this is something he is seriously entertained. Joe Manchin is the last Democrat who has been can be elected, I think remains elected in the very red West Virginia. And this is just another demonstration about how intolerant the Democratic Party. The ultra radical left progressive part of their party is to anybody who deviates from their orthodoxy.”