On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows explained why the American people should not settle for “lower expectations” when it comes to fixing the supply chain crisis.

“Here’s the sad part about it. For a lot of us, millions and millions of us, we had very low expectations to begin. And so now what we’ve got is we’ve got the Biden administration saying, just change your expectations, lower your expectations. That’s something that they would say in Russia or Cuba or Venezuela, where you actually have a problem because of the Communist regimes there. And yet here in America, we’re used to being able to to have full pantries, full grocery stores, and quite frankly, a choice. And to lower our expectation would be to change our expectation on who we are. Donald Trump was right, he said make America great. Now he’s saying, make America great again, again. And so when we look at that, it is a sad commentary on the occupant in the Oval Office right now.”