On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor and Podcast host Johnny Joey Jones talks about the legacy Gen. Colin Powell leaves behind after his death & why social media is seeing so many people defying the COVID mandates being set by their employers.

“I think there’s a distinction between the politics of his era and today, and I think generals are not immune to that. I have a decent relationship with General James Mattis and I respect him, I think he’s a good leader, a great leader. I think he believes what he says and says what he believes. But I think no one’s immune to politics these days. And so even General James Mattis, who had a very special respect from the troops, in the era of Trump, it becomes split. And I think Colin Powell suffered from quite a bit of that because, I think unlike many generals who tried to show themselves to be nonpolitical, I think he was more bipartisan. It’s not the ideal ideology of it, but the fact that it’s an American effort, and I want to support it. And so it’s certainly a sad day, it’s a sad day because we just don’t get to celebrate these men and women enough that do so much for us in the military. And he really did design, he and Schwarzkopf, really were the most effective leaders we’ve had in the last 40 years, if you go back from Vietnam forward.”

“I don’t know what these people’s political views are. I can tell you that every pilot that’s at home at Southwest isn’t a card carrying MAGA member. These are Americans who have their own personal morals and principles and values that they feel are being challenged to the umpteenth degree. And I bet some of these people are even vaccinated and just believe so, so sternly that they shouldn’t be mandated to that they’re not revealing that, and you know what? I don’t blame them. Companies have to understand you absolutely have the right as a private company to set your terms, but so do your employees walking out. But when it comes to a public service like police and fire, were do you have the bandwidth to kick these people out of your force?”