While many Americans are still tragically dying, COVID cases are dropping. Anti-COVID drugs also appear to be on the horizon and even young children may soon be eligible for the vaccines.

So, is it possible America has finally turned the corner on the pandemic?

Earlier this week, Former Assistant Secretary for Health under President Trump, Admiral Brett Giroir joined host Jessica Rosenthal to give his take on America’s ongoing effort to combat the coronavirus and the questions regarding boosters, vaccine mandates for children and the reliability of testing.

Dr. Giroir did see optimistic about the coming months, but still offered advice to families on how to protect themselves from future surges in the virus.

He also weighed in how our country reacted to COVID, what mistakes we made and whether or not we’re prepared for future pandemics.

The interview was too long and we could not include everything Dr. Brett Giroir had to say. On the FOX News Rundown Extra you will hear our entire conversation.