Kennedy: Sec. Pete Buttigieg “Should Have Some Empathy For People Truly Struggling”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox Business’s Kennedy talked about how the White House has gone on the offensive against anyone who criticizes the time Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is taking for paternity leave while the supply chain crisis continues.

“He’s got to virtue signal. His feelings and his chestfeeding is as important as anyone else’s who’s ever had a child and his feelings are very important and it’s very exhausting having a baby.”

“He’s just showing like, this is what we should do, we should be supportive. And we should be supportive of people who have no money who can’t afford to buy things because there are no things to buy, which makes them more scarce. And with the law of supply and demand, when there are fewer things, there’s greater demand and it means they’re more expensive. He should have some a little bit of empathy for people who are truly struggling.”