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Will Cain, co-host of Fox & Friends weekend 6-10amET & Host of The Will Cain Podcast joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the decision by Brooklyn Nets player, Kyrie Irving to remain unvaccinated.

Will Cain said,
“I am someone who, for many years on ESPN criticized Kyrie Irving mercilessly. I found most of his positions when it came to his relationship with LeBron James, just for example, or burning sage on the sidelines of a Boston Celtics game sophomore. But here I am today because I think what we all have to strive for is not indict individuals but understand situations. A huge defender of Kyrie Irving, I think that every human being should have the right to make their own medical decisions, and I do not think that we should go about even if we have the legal right, a corporation, for example, imposing a medical decision on others, especially when it does not satisfy the basic minimum requirements of logic or scientific standard. Kyrie Irving choosing to go unvaccinated impacts approximately one person in this entire world. Kyrie Irving and therefore, I don’t understand in the slightest bit how the NBA, the city of New York, the Brooklyn Nets, would tolerate saying to him, Well, then you are not allowed to play basketball if you don’t make health decisions for yourself that we dictate.”