Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL): We’ve Taken “Anyone Can be President” Too Far With What We Have Now

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) discussed all the unnecessary items in the Democratic trillion-dollar spending bill and why Republicans need to know exactly what Democratic ideas are being funded.

“It’s almost like they live in an alternate reality. And you look at what’s in these bills, the reconciliation package, it’s filled with just pork across the board. You have a $200 million park that is going into Nancy Pelosi’s district. They want to tax on made in America products specifically. They want tax hikes on nearly every income level, which we know is already happening through inflation. Of course, the doubling of IRS agents to spy on Americans that have $600 aggregate in their bank account at any given time of the month. They want mass amnesty for illegals, which again ties right into the open border situation that we have. They want free college for illegals and free health care programs for illegals. It doesn’t make any sense. Then you factor in they want to do the so-called infrastructure package, only 6% of it actually goes to real infrastructure. I don’t know about you, but infrastructure to me is broadband. It is roads, bridges, ports, airports, things that are tangible. But now they want to go through and declare buildings and highways racist. I don’t know where they get off on this stuff and they expect us to not only pay for it, they want us to believe somehow that it doesn’t cost us anything, that we’re not garnishing our kids and our grandchildren’s wages. I just it’s really, really frustrating.”

“I think what we’re facing right now is so beyond politics, it’s so beyond the party structure. Are we going to be the America that is about equal opportunity? Or do we want to become the America that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi want, which is equal outcome? I prefer equal opportunity. They want equal outcome. I don’t think that is fair for every kid in America who’s been told that they can do whatever they want in their life, whatever they can dream, they can achieve, even though I do think that maybe we have taken this whole ‘anyone can be president’ saying a little too far with what we’re dealing with right now.”