After narrowly avoiding a national debt crisis, lawmakers have agreed to a short-term debt ceiling increase to last until December 2021. The White House is now facing a major confidence issue after many chaotic political battles with few victories for President Biden’s agenda. A recent Quinnipiac poll showed the President’ approval rating had dropped to 38 percent. Fox News Sunday Anchor Chris Wallace joins to break down exactly why President Biden is losing the approval of many constituents and how the U.S. ended up with a late solution to kick the debt ceiling issue down the road. Later, he describes how disputes between Democratic centrists and progressives threaten to further derail President Biden’s agenda and how tribalism has fractured political discourse in America.

With the coronavirus continuing to disrupt supply chains and inflation still rising, Americans may want to start planning their holiday shopping earlier than usual this year. But, buyers beware! This year shoppers should expect longer shipping times, fewer items on the shelves, and less discounts. We speak with FOX Business Correspondent Lydia Hu about the supply chain issues we’re seeing and if we’ll see inflation go down soon. We also speak with Melissa McCollum, owner of Learning Express Toys in Birmingham Alabama on if her store has been impacted from supply chain issues and costs going up.

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Plus, commentary by FOX News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett.