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Kat Timpf, Fox News Contributor and Co-Host of Gutfeld! joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the backlash that comedian Dave Chappelle is facing from critics over jokes he made in his newest Netflix special.

Timpf reacted to the backlash aimed at the comedian saying,

“Saying that he has tried to push the envelope, it’s not a theory. He straight up said, I am doing these jokes because people are getting canceled over these jokes and I’m going to keep doing this stuff because I don’t because I can’t get canceled. Like he has enough money where it’s like he’ll be fine no matter what happens. I mean, he’s like one of the greats and he’s rich and like, he’s not really cancelable. But it. I hate when people make the conversation. Is it funny or not? Do I agree? Or do I disagree? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because that’s what comedy you know is about is not being afraid. And when it does hit and it can be something so powerful when it’s about some of the toughest or most complicated things, because those are the things where we need laughter the most and we can’t make people too afraid to try.”