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Bill Melugin, Fox News National correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show from the southern border to report on suspected cartel members who were seen wielding AK-47s near the southern border and taunting Texas national guard members.

Melugin said this,

“So those are cartel gunmen in Roma, Texas. They’re involved in human smuggling. We’re actually in Roma right now. About a mile away from those pictures were taken their cartel gunmen in Roma, Texas. They bring people across the river. And what you’re seeing in those photos is they’re holding AK 47s and they’re wearing tech vests and they are taunting the Texas National Guard soldiers on the other side of the river brandishing their weapons. This is something that I’m told has happened multiple times in recent days and really just kind of shows how ballsy some of these cartel members are. We often hear, we often hear that the cartels are always working at the border, but very rarely do we actually get to see them like that in a picture holding their weapons just out in the middle of broad daylight. So tonight we are actually embedding with the Texas National Guard here in Roma, in the exact area where this has been happening. So we’ll see. We’ll see what happens with that and those photos. Those photos were courtesy of Texas DPS.”