‘Outrageous’ Glenn Youngkin Slams Move By DOJ To Paint Concerned Parents As ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Glenn Youngkin, former CEO at the Carlyle Group & Virginia’s GOP Gubernatorial nominee joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss his latest debate performance and the move by the Department of Justice that critics say paint concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

Youngkin had this to say about the DOJ move,

“Yeah, guy, it’s outrageous. It is absolutely outrageous. Virginia parents have just been standing up at school boards meeting, that’s what they’ve been doing. They have been expressing their views about their kids education. And Terry McAuliffe. This is so consistent with his view. Terry McAuliffe said recently about the vaccine. If you don’t agree with me, he’s going to make your life difficult. Well, he’s going to make your life difficult in all respects. If you don’t agree with his big government policy to put government and politicians and bureaucrats between you and your children, if you don’t agree, he’s going to get his friends to sic the F.B.I. on you. I mean, it is outrageous. We have to stand up together as Virginians. And when I’m governor, I’m going to go work for parents and go work for students and yes, teachers. And we, in fact, are going to recognize the fact that parents have an absolute right to be engaged in their kid’s education and they will not be silenced and intimidated by strong arm tactics.”

Youngkin also reacted to his opponent’s recent comments about President Biden’s popularity in Virginia, saying

“Well, what’s clear, of course, is that, yes, the president is wildly unpopular, Joe Biden is a failed president. He failed in Afghanistan. He’s failing at the border. He’s failed the rebuilding our economy and created reintroduced inflation back into our economy.”