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Howard Kurtz, host of “MediaBuzz” on Fox News joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the move by YouTube to ban all ‘Anti-Vaccine Videos on it’s platform.

Kurtz said

“Who’s making the decision in this case is Google, which owns YouTube. And you know, I don’t like lies about the coronavirus vaccine. I think people’s lives could be at stake. But when you look at the fine print of what YouTube is saying, some of it seems pretty subjective to me. And as you say, the goalposts get moved. What was misinformation yesterday could be the least acceptable, or certainly there should be debate about it today. So the idea that these tech companies with very little complaint from organized journalism, which used to be against censorship and again, you know, it’s an outright lie and and it says that, you know, it can make you impotent, something I’m all for removing it from a platform, but I think this stuff goes too far and there’s a history of overreach here by these tech giants”