They started out as two pastors who just wanted to make movies about faith in Jesus Christ, because the greatest story ever told, needed to reach more people. Alex and Stephen Kendrick now are well-established filmmakers whose movies have made millions of dollars and their message of the Gospel has transformed millions of lives. And they did it all without compromising their belief that Jesus “is the way the Truth and the life…”. All that experience has helped them present their first documentary with all the pathos, passion, and power of seasoned professionals. Show Me the Father, takes a look at true stories of fatherhood that will leave audiences in gasped surprise. These stories have all the twists and turns of any fictional narrative, perhaps even more so. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Alex and Stephen talk about the making of documentary as well as the tenth-year anniversary of their film Courageous, which is also about fatherhood. The re-release of the film features a re-edit that includes updates of the stories in the film; sort of a ‘where are they now’, addition. The importance of fathers and fatherhood is foundational to the Kendrick’s lives, and, as they see it, to all our lives. Good fathers make a child’s life happy, while bad fathers can make a child’s life a living hell. But both films highlight that only God the Heavenly Father, offers the perfection and unconditional love that all hearts crave.