Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) Says Texas Would Be ‘Honored’ To Hire Any Border Patrol Agent Fired For Not Complying With Reported Biden Vaccine Mandate

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the crisis at the southern border and reacted to the Biden administrations reported vaccine mandate for border patrol agents.

Governor Abbott reacted to reports that the Biden administration is directive a Vaccine mandate imposed on border patrol agents saying,

“Absolutely so under Texas law, under the orders that I’ve established, no government agency in the state of Texas can impose a vaccine mandate if there is any Border Patrol officer who gets fired or has to quit, whatever the case may be, because of the vaccine mandate imposed by the by the Biden administration, Texas would be honored to have them come work for us and be a border patrol regimen for the state of Texas. And we would appreciate the service. I have worked side by side with these Border Patrol officers for years now. I admire them. I respect them. They are courageous and they are needed and if The Biden administration doesn’t want them. By God, the state of Texas does.”

Governor Abbott reacted to the fact that illegal migrants aren’t being tested or vaccinated for covid saying,

“And so it is reprehensible it is reckless it may be criminal for the fact that they are not testing them. They’re doing nothing about vaccinating them, but they are putting them on different transportation devices. It could be busses, it could be planes. And they are moving them about the United States of America, knowingly exposing their fellow Americans to a disease that the Biden administration supposedly says he’s trying to stop.”