Even two podcasts with scientist Dr. Michael Guillen isn’t enough to explain the vastness of his discoveries involving Science and Christianity. Yes, science and Christianity. Not science and any other faith, but science and the religion founded by Jesus of Nazareth. When last I interviewed Guillen, who is a physicist, astronomer, and mathematician, he talked about how he came to faith in Jesus, and how the words of Jesus sounded a great deal like the uniqueness of quantum physics. His investigation into Christianity over a period of years forced him to shed his atheism and embrace the Risen Savior. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Guillen takes a deeper dive into his new book “Believing is Seeing” to explain how when he compared essential features of science, Christianity and Atheism, Science and Christianity lined up almost as one; Atheism nothing. For example, Guillen asked, “Does absolute truth exist?” Science says “Yes.” Christianity says, “Yes.” Atheism says, “No.” The scientific mind needs to know facts, yes. But then there are ways to understand those facts that require an SQ, a Spiritual Quotient. It’s the difference between knowing honey is sweet, and actually having tasted honey. Experience completes the knowledge. If God is the behind the entire created order, we can certainly know about his creation through science. However, there’s a wide chasm between knowing about God, and having an experience of His presence. Guillen takes us on that journey of discovery of God through science.