President Biden on Wednesday, September 22nd met at the White House with congressional Democrats, bringing together both moderate and progressives within the party to attempt to calm the tension and infighting threatening to obstruct his domestic agenda. Democrats in the House advanced a bill this week to fund the government until December and suspend the debt limit until 2022, the bill is headed to a Senate vote next week and Republicans have already warned they will not support this measure nor will they support the $3.5 trillion spending plan. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (R-IA) is a member of the House Budget Committee and joins The Rundown to discuss the budget battle.

Thousands of Haitian migrants gather at the US-Mexico border seeking refuge in the United States. As the crisis in Del Rio continues, President Biden faces criticism from both sides on how to address disagreements over Haitian migrants. Human rights activists condemn closing off the border and sending migrants back to Haiti. Meanwhile, conservative lawmakers express discontent with the massive migrant camps in Del Rio and the lack of coronavirus testing at the border. Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday joins to break down the newest border controversy, the president’s declining approval ratings, and what a potential government shutdown would mean for America.  

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