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Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the ongoing crisis at the southern border. Gonzales responded to media headlines that mischaracterized his praise for Boarder patrol agents.

Rep. Gonzales blasted the mischaracterizations of his comments saying,

“Yeah, you know, I’ve never shied away from talking about the facts and the issues that are important. And, you know, there’s some risk in that. You know, when prime example and I went on CNN and I had the conversation with it and I was very clear, like, look, I’m completely against any mistreatment of anybody to include migrants. I think we all should feel that way. But, you know, this this kind of image that Border Patrol agents demonizing Border Patrol agents, I’m not going to accept that in any form or fashion. Right. And, you know, and I spoke with the with the chief of Border Patrol right before that, that interview. And I speak with him on a daily basis, you know, kind of getting ground truth because you hear a lot of rumors and whatnot getting ground truth. And he assured me that that’s not the conduct of of the Border Patrol agents and that anything like that of that nature would be under investigation and they would work through that. Bottom line is the Border Patrol agents, what I said was I said they’re doing God’s work, keeping our borders safe. And you know what they are doing God’s work, keeping our borders safe. And I’m grateful for everything that they’re doing. The last thing any of us should want is another 9/11 type event to occur. And the only way that’s going to stop is if we have Border Patrol agents guarding our border.”