On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich explains why he is suing the Biden Administration over their employer vaccination play because its based on a premise that “constitutionally suspect.”

“I think what it does is points out the utter and sheer hypocrisy of the Biden administration and, quite frankly, the federal government. This is part of the reason why we have so many problems in this country because of this concentration of power in DC and in our lawsuit, we actually use and we refer to the fact that the president’s Chief of Staff essentially retweeted something saying that what they were doing was the ultimate workaround. So the Biden administration knows what they’re doing is constitutionally suspect. They know that what they’re doing is they’re pushing the limits of any boundaries of the law in the Constitution, but it shows you they don’t care. And I would tell people right now, this is the whole thing, that you let a bully in your front yard, next day he’s on your porch and the day after that, he can be shacking up with your wife. What the Biden administration is doing is they’re carving out these certain exemptions. But ultimately, make no mistake about it, if they can do this to federal employees, they think they can do it to everyone. And that’s ultimately what they’re doing.”