(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

General Keith Kellogg (Ret) tells Brian Kilmeade if it is true General Milley took it upon himself to call China then he needs to resign or be removed from his position immediately. Kellogg says Milley’s role as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is to be the principle military adviser to the President and National Security Council.

Kellogg said what Woodward wrote in his book was true – he told President Trump he needed to get out a tweet to help get the crowd at the capitol under control on January 6th and the President responded yeah and went back to watching television. However, Kellogg pushed back on the implication that President Trump just said ok and watched TV. Kellogg said Kayleigh McEnany, Mark Meadows and others were in the room and came up with a plan on what they should do about the mob at the Capitol. Kellogg says we were all offering advice and I think the President took the advice.