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Bill Melugin, Fox News national correspondent L.A joined the Guy Benson Show from the southern border to report on August surge of migrant encounters at the southern border.

Melugin on the continued surge of migrants at the southern border,

“Those numbers are absolutely staggering. I mean, Customs and Border Protection had to add an entire new bar to their charts showing showing how high these numbers were getting because it was literally off the charts. And it’s happening month after month after month after month. We we thought one hundred and seventy thousand was higher than we thought. One hundred and eighty five thousand was higher than we thought. Then it jumps up to two hundred and twelve thousand. Now we have a tiny dip to two hundred and eight thousand. But these are all 20 year record high numbers and absolutely nothing has been slowing down down here. And you look at some of the images that our drone team gets or whether it’s here in the Rio Grande Valley or up in Del Rio, it’s it’s remarkable.”