Chris Wallace On His New Book: Countdown Bin Laden

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Chris Wallace, Anchor of Fox News Sunday joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss his new book Countdown Bin Laden The Untold Story of the 247 Day Hunt to Bring the Mastermind of 9/11 to Justice.

Wallace had this to say about his new book,
“It is a heck of a good read. It’s a it’s a it’s a history thriller. And, you know, even though people know what happened with bin Laden, everybody I know it was read. It says that the last hundred pages, it’s a page turner. And they are saying what happens next? Because we tell the story. It’s all factually based, deeply researched, talked to people who’ve never talked before, have facts. And at that nobody’s ever heard before. But we tell it as a story. And with all the uncertainty started, when the CIA gets the first tip about this compound that I know if bin Laden is in it, it goes to the White House and they’re, you know, trying to figure out what to do when the SEALs are brought in and now the SEALs are on the helicopter headed to the compound. And I think that’s a one way ticket, a suicide mission. So, first of all, it’s just a great read, he said modestly, Second life, I think, particularly because of how badly things have gone in the last month, that that the fact that this book recounts what we did right in Afghanistan. The main reason we went in was to get bin Laden to decapitate al-Qaida and to severely degrade and eliminate the threat of a terror attack from Afghanistan. And for 20 years we did that. So I think that’s an important book and an entertaining book.”