(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) tells Brian Kilmeade that we are not getting an honest accounting of how many Americans are still waiting to leave Afghanistan because Secretary Blinken and Jen Psaki are constantly lying daily on the numbers. Sasse says we have a slow motion hostage crisis unfolding and the reason the Biden Administration won’t give an honest account is because it will reveal their incompetence and cowardice. Sasse believes this runs against their strategy which is managing 24 hour news cycles because the administration feels it is far more important than actual Americans who are left behind. Sasse is worried about China’s diplomats going around to certain countries asking them if they can trust the U.S. because the Biden Administration violated our word to our allies. Sasse says it is bizarre that President Biden will keep his word to the Taliban while abandoning Americans and our allies.