There are about twelve thousand Christians in Afghanistan and most, if not all, fear for their safety now that U.S Forces have officially pulled out. But even though they’re a small minority, they are a brave lot, who even in the face if an impending Taliban takeover, changed the religion on their national identity cards to read, Christian, in a country where Islam is the only official religion. World Magazine’s Senior Editor Mindy Belz said it was because “They wanted something to pass on to their children and to other generations, they wanted not to just be secret people who disappeared when they died.” On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Belz talks about the dangers now faced by the Christians and religious minorities in Afghanistan. She has been in constant contact with the Afghan Church, whose members are mostly Muslim converts… some had even embraced Islamic extremist ideology. But now their standing up for Jesus could cost them dearly. Many tried and did escape before U.S. Forces left, but many did not. And now their act of fealty to their faith could prove tragic. Because now those government cards are in the hands of the Taliban, who’ve been systematically going door to door hunting down American allies… and Christians. Find out how these Christians may hold the key to a better Afghanistan. They are the seed of the Gospel, which Jesus said even the gates of hell could not destroy.