On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) reacted to President Biden’s address about the last troops finally leaving Afghanistan and how President Biden’s actions there are demoralizing members of the military.

“This ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ presidency is driving me crazy, as is the rest of the country. It’s pretty brutal. Every time he opens his mouth, you just cringe. And I’ve reached the point where I’m so infuriated at some of his comments calling what we have witnessed, this total, utter train wreck in the last few weeks and months, calling it a success, really pointing out and giving himself an attaboy and saying, oh, just look at all the things that we did, all the people we got out and saying mission complete, mission not complete until every American is brought back home. And I just think that he has done so much damage to our country, to our credibility around the world, really demoralizing the military. We had troops on the ground who were being told not to let Americans in the gates. I mean, come on, in his words, what would he say? Come on, man!”

“Last time I checked, we don’t leave people behind, period. One American left behind is one too many. And they went so far, they’re leaving our military dogs, they’re leaving NGOs, they’re leaving diplomats. You name it, they’re leaving them because they had a political deadline in mind and they were going to stick to it, come hell or high water. And don’t they don’t care how many people have to get killed and how much they want to destroy our standing in the world or how many weapons that they end up turning over to the Taliban. It is some false reality that he is living in. And I don’t care how many times they say that it was success or that they did a good job or that, quite frankly, they give a damn because we all know that they don’t.”