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Jonah Goldberg, Editor in chief of, FNC Contributor and Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

Jonah Goldberg ripped the execution of the withdrawal saying,
“I am hard pressed to think of a more deliberately embarrassing spectacle in modern American history. I go from, you know, rage to discuss to just deep sadness about it for the country, for the people we’ve left behind, for the choices that we didn’t have to make. And I think, you know, scoring this purely on political terms kind of. Is to is a little tawdry, given the stakes of all of this, but it’s sort of, you know, this is the life we have chosen. And I think that Joe Biden, at every step of the way, has gotten not just the facts wrong, but the tone and the tenor of this completely wrong. He was he’s been dismissive. He’s been argumentative. He’s been defensive when it called for the opposite. He has been angry when and and boastful when he should have been humble and insensitive. He’s been sad when he should have been angry, as when the when 13 American service members were killed. I think he’s just gotten this wrong in almost every phase of it.”