Leo Terrell: Cuomo Is “Daring Democratic Lawmakers To Impeach Him”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Leo Terrell explained why Attorney General Letitia James should have filed charges against Gov. Andrew Cuomo and how Gov. Cuomo is daring lawmakers to impeach him.

“Andrew Cuomo is a bully and he should be shunned. It’s easy for politicians to call for his resignation., it takes profiles in courage for him to be impeached. There’s enough evidence for that district attorney in Albany to prosecute him right now. But they won’t do it. And that’s shameful.”

“He came up with a preplanned political commercial, trying to draw on sympathy. This guy is not going to resign, and he’s basically daring Democratic lawmakers to impeach him. He’s daring them and they’re not going to do it. There’s a distinction between calling for a resignation and calling for an impeachment and acting on an impeachment. And Joe Biden reluctantly said he should resign and held off any issues about impeachment”

“Letitia James, she sat there trying to be so serious and mature. I give her credit, ithey did a great job of investigating, but she got political motivation. She got pure political motivation. And we’re Cuomo may not resign and he’s not going to get impeached. He can’t run for reelection. She’s just waiting in the wings. She got the #MeToo movement sitting there just waiting. She’s going to allegedly take the high moral ground. But if she really wanted to nail him, she should have said, I am demanding that the district attorney file criminal charges. I am demanding that the state lawmakers impeach him today, but she didn’t do that.”