Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): Cheney & Kinzinger “Chose To Be Outside The Big Tent”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Andy Biggs explain why the Freedom Caucus and other Republicans have called for Rep. Liz Cheney & Rep. Adam Kinzinger to be expelled from the GOP conference after being chosen for the Jan. 6th commission.

“They are basically working for the other side now. They have basically said we’re going to step on outside. They’ve said we want to bring Kevin McCarthy and we think he’s culpable here for some reason. We want to bring Donald Trump and we want to bring in Biggs and everybody else. And because they believe that somehow Republicans have this huge culpability and they’re not going to look at anything else. And so if you have a conference, all the Republicans get together as we do, and everybody gets a little bit of time to talk about strategy or something, guess who’s sitting right there? And you may be talking about how do we get this piece of legislation through? How do we kill the Democrats spending bills or whatever it may be? Who’s sitting there, the people that are not working for Nancy Pelosi, and they can just take it right on back to Nancy.”

“Someone said to me, what happened to you guys being the party of the big tent? Well, we are a big tent party. They just chose to be outside the tent.”

“At some point, Cheney and Kinzinger will have, they won’t even realize that they’ve done it, but they will have said something that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like, Adam Schiff doesn’t like or any of those guys, Swalwell or AOC. And guess what? They get booted and there’s no place for them to go at that point.”