Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) Urges COVID-19 Vaccines As Delta Variant Rises

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to urge unvaccinated American’s to talk to their doctor’s about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Senator Marshall who is also a medical doctor said,
“I think this Delta variant gives a reason for a person to take pause and do some introspection and say, hey, maybe I should go talk to my doctor about this. And what what I would say is I respect your your opinion that you don’t you haven’t had the vaccination yet. So we need to respect people and not talk down to them. And it just feels like out of the White House, we get this condescending attitude which just really turns people off. So what I’m encouraging people to do is go talk to the doctor and ask for the antibody test, first of all. So half of the people that have not been vaccinated have natural immunity. Natural immunity is at least as good as having had both vaccinations before. And I think that then that’s a great time for your doctors say, look, you do have antibodies, you’re good to go quit worrying about this. Or if you don’t have antibodies, then I think it’s a great chance for the doctor to say, look, I know your medical records. And based upon that and based upon what we know about this vaccine, I may or may not recommend it for you. You know, for my eighty three year old parents, there was no question that they needed. I’m so happy they’ve got it. I got the vaccine, but I’ve got a 21 year old son that’s had the virus. He has the antibodies. And no one has convinced me that there’s any benefit to adding a vaccine on top of it. So don’t you think a little common sense is good? The Delta I think this uptick we’re seeing is the reason to say, you know, this is not over. Please, one more time. Let’s consider what to do here. And this is a personal choice between you and your doctor.”