A federal judge sided with Indiana University on Monday, upholding its COVID-19 vaccine mandate that requires all faculty and students to be fully vaccinated before the fall semester. The university does have some exemptions to its requirement, but it would have to be approved by the school. The decision comes after students filed a lawsuit arguing the policy violated their constitutional rights and state law. Jaime Carini, is one of the eight students suing after the college denied her request to be exempt from the vaccine because of her chronic illness. Carini and her lawyer James Bopp Jr. join to react to the judge’s decision, where they go from here and why they think the mandate violates constitutional rights and bodily integrity.

Multiple U.S. intelligence officers and government officials in Vienna, Austria have reported experiencing symptoms that are consistent with Havana Syndrome. This ailment gets its name from the capital of Cuba, where U.S. intelligence officers first reported these mysterious energy attacks that gave targets odd sensations of sound and pressureĀ and left victims with long-term side effects including sudden vertigo, nausea and debilitating headaches. In response to the spike in Havana Syndrome cases in Vienna, the CIA and State Department have increased efforts to find the cause of these incidents. Fox News Contributor and former CIA Station Chief Daniel Hoffman joins to explain how Havana Syndrome has been impacting U.S. officials all over the world, what technology is likely being utilized in these attacks and what countries could be behind these attacks.

Plus, commentary by FOX News contributor Liz Peek.