The U.S. economy continues to rebound following the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine amid the pandemic. However, consumer prices rose to a 13-year high between May and June and some experts are sounding the alarm that this inflation may only worsen and negatively impact Americans. Economists agree that the United States’ current rate of inflation is unusually high, but there is no consensus on whether this will be a short-term issue or it’s a long-term roadblock for American consumers. Associate Editor at The Wall Street Journal John Bussey joins to discuss how the pandemic has brought on unusually high levels of growth and inflation and what the Federal Reserve will do in the event of spiraling inflation. He also discusses President Biden’s 3.5 trillion-dollar spending plan and the recent call for Congress to act on DACA.

As coronavirus cases spike again, there is talk of reimposing restrictions and a ‘fourth wave.’ The concern is so high in Los Angeles County, even vaccinated people are once again required to wear masks indoors. So, how severe are these nationwide ‘spikes’ and how worried should Americans be? Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Marty Makary joins the Rundown to take a deeper look at the numbers and explain why he thinks poor reporting and bad data could be making the surge look worse than it appears. Dr. Makary also discusses what he calls ‘over testing,’ how to return kids to the classroom and what he sees as a promising new treatment.

Plus, commentary by Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce.