On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) criticized The White House’s plan to monitor Facebook for “misinformation” regarding COVID and vaccines.

“Jen Psaki was out there saying Facebook is only going to put up state approved messages and that they are going to be the language police and the thought police. And so it gets worse by the day. But I think people are figuring this out. And I talk to women every day who said the Democrats are doing them a disservice. They’re concerned about the preservation of freedom. They’re concerned about what they see happening to our rights. They are very concerned about overstep and how the Democrats seem to be intent on taking away our free speech. They know that if they get the First Amendment, they’re coming for the Second Amendment. They are concerned about business of three and a half trillion dollars of additional spending. I think it is absolutely lunacy that the Democrats are trying to tell the American people this is a good deal because they negotiated it down from six trillion dollars in spending. People are smart and people can figure this out. And people know that money does not grow on trees. And they know that if you continue to print money at some point, somebody has to pay the bill. We are not playing Monopoly. We we have a country to run and a country to protect and defend.”