On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former Trump adviser KT McFarland explains why activist groups like Black Lives Matter are not supporting the protestors in Cuba.

“If you look at the Cuban people themselves who have come out spontaneously in enormous numbers, at great risk to themselves and demonstrating against their government, the Biden administration says they’re really just demonstrating about against COVID. No, they’re not. They’re demonstrating against the abject poverty and living conditions that they’re forced to endure while their leaders are living it high off the hog. So I think it’s a really pivotal moment for Cuba. I think it could be a pre-revolutionary moment. If this gains steam, I do think the Cuban people are going to demand a change. The question will be, will they get encouragement from the Biden administration or will they get not get encouragement from the Biden administration?”

“This is the dilemma that the left has, the far left, the loony left, as I call them. They’ve for so long so championed socialism and communism without really having any idea what it is. Now that they’re confronted with a country where its own people are rising up against socialism, communism, the left doesn’t quite know what to do. The only people still preaching that communism is terrific are the people in the United States Senate, college campuses, a couple of Congressmen and people in the Biden administration. The people who were living under communism, they don’t like it at all. They can’t wait to change. And the fact that you have demonstrators in the streets of Cuba waving the American flag, not asking for American intervention, military intervention, but just asking for the moral support of the United States is really significant.”