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Sandra Smith, co-anchor of America Reports with John Roberts & Sandra Smith joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the rising rate of inflation that is causing prices of everyday goods to skyrocket.

Sandra Smith
“I think the reports coming out of the West Wing were really telling if they truly are looking at some of those comments that Larry Summers has made, quite frankly, since the very beginning when inflation started to rear its ugly head. And I will also point out, as someone who’s looked at these economic reports for a good chunk of my life, so many of these reports are lagging indicators by the best. The best sign of what’s really happening is when you hear from people, I’m paying more at my grocery for milk, I’m paying more to keep my family out to dinner. I’m paying more when I’m filling up my gas tank. Inflation was we were starting to see this long ago. And it seems that the White House is the Federal Reserve chairman, Jay Powell, as you said, he said it’s in the White House, wanted to ignore that fact. Well, it’s happening. It’s real. There’s multiple reports now suggesting that economists are predicting we’re going to have another five percent jump in inflation. Consumer prices are going up. And so you tie this all to the spending that we’re seeing in Washington now talking about this reconciliation bill.”