Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Jason Chaffetz on The Brian Kilmeade Show about the Biden Administration needing to support freedom for the Cuban people. Pompeo says there is a significant piece of the Democrat Party who are sympathetic to the Cuban regime and the Biden Administration has refused to take the serious steps needed to help the Cuban people gain the freedom that they so richly deserve. Pompeo also discussed the plot by four Iranian intelligence operatives who planned to kidnap U.S. journalist Masih Alinejad because of her criticism of Iranian human-rights abuses. Pompeo says this is a long term program the Iranians have had and pointed to how they killed the Saudi Ambassador to the United States at a restaurant in Washington D.C. When asked to comment on an Axios report that he and President Trump damaged the State Department, Pompeo said he was proud of the work they did there and feels he brought swagger back to the State Department.