“Hillbilly Elegy “author J.D. Vance joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss his decision to run for senate in Ohio. Vance says he is a conservative republican who looked at the state of the country and feels most politicians are not addressing the problems most Americans are facing. Vance also addressed President Biden crediting the American Rescue Plan for lowering unemployment caused by the pandemic. Vance says it is a joke for President Biden to take credit for the economy and feels it was President Trump governing effectively along with the vaccines that are turning around the economy. Vance says it was a missed opportunity for President Biden to bring the country together by giving some credit to President Trump for the economic turnaround

Vance also addressed deleting tweets from 2016 that were critical of President Trump. Vance says he has never hidden the fact he was critical of Trump back then and came around and believes President Trump was able to become a good president. On Afghanistan, Vance says he supports withdrawing troops and is more worried about what happens if we stay in Afghanistan for another 10 years.