Last week, following over 300 reported cases of heart inflammation in young people following their COVID-19 vaccinations, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky declared the agency will meet this week to review these cases. Dr. Walensky explained these cases are rare but she still would like to convene researchers to discuss the evidence linking the COVID vaccine and myocarditis in young people. Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Marty Makary joins to discuss concerns about the Delta variant of the coronavirus, his concerns about the connection between the dosage of the COVID vaccine and heart inflammation, the new paperback edition of his book, “The Price We Pay” and its lessons that can be applied to today’s health care problems.

FEMA is getting ready for what is expected to be an active hurricane season according to NOAA. FEMA has already been stretched thin this year because of COVID-19, wildfires, and the migrant surge at the southern border. FEMA Acting Associate Administrator, David Bibo explains how FEMA is preparing for the 2021 season and the steps Americans can take now to be ready.

Plus, commentary by FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren.