(Alex Wong/Pool Photo via AP, File)

Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about why he felt the meeting between President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin should not have taken place. Waltz says in the wake of the Solar Winds hack, and the two attacks on our infrastructure, along with rolling out new nuclear weapons and massing troops at Ukrainian border, Putin is smelling weakness in the White House. Waltz also expressed concern over the evacuation of people in Afghanistan that have risked everything to help us. Waltz says the Pentagon and other nations are saying they can coordinate an evacuation but are still waiting on President Biden to give the go ahead. Waltz fears this could turn into a Saigon moment.

Waltz also weighed in on Senator Joe Manchin being open to lowering the threshold to 55 votes to break a filibuster. Waltz says Manchin is under tremendous pressure from progressives and hopes he holds the line but feels Senator McConnell needs to find ways to give him some wins.