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Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss his ongoing efforts to spearhead bipartisan police reform on Capitol hill. Senator Scott said he’s ‘cautiously optimistic’ about the prospects of passing bipartisan police reform legislation in the near future.

Senator Scott said,

“Guy, I’m cautiously optimistic if they live within the parameters that I have set, number one, we will not demonize law enforcement officers. Qualified immunity for their individual liability cannot be on the table. It is too hard to understand the life, the day in the life of an officer for us to negotiate on their individual liability. Number two, we must never break the fused relationship between communities of color and those officers with character coming in to respond to crises. If we keep those two as the pillars of this conversation, we have a good chance of getting to a solution. The Democrats, if the Democrats keep fighting to defund the police, if they keep fighting to demonize the police, have they continue to disregard the actual necessity of law enforcement officers. You’ll see Portland, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, as classic examples of what happens when you demonize and disregard, as well as defund the police. Violent crime spikes, murders, spike and every other negative of principle and indicator all go in the wrong direction.”