On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor and Fox News Podcasts host Ben Domenech talks about how President Biden’s foreign policy is mostly giving concessions to other countries and getting nothing in return.

“They did not deal with this in a way that was in any way intimidating, authoritative, or that guided people toward actually having a positive result. We went to Geneva with our hat in our hand, having allowed the NordStream 2 pipeline to proceed, having waived the sanctions that were related to the various people who were in charge there, having a set of, quote unquote, red lines that are just worth as much as they were underneath the Obama administration. And those are the sort of things that at this point we have to expect from the Biden administration because their approach to foreign policy is clearly going to be anti-Trumpian to the nth degree. Now, you can be anti Trump without sacrificing the priorities of America. And unfortunately, they’ve decided to go in that direction, saying we’re not going to actually put American interests first. We’re not going to be transactional at all. We’re just going to give away the store over and over and over again to all of these other nations without getting anything back in return. And here’s the thing. We can disagree about the priorities. We can disagree about what we ought to be paying attention to. But I don’t think that we can really disagree about the fact that whenever we trade something to someone that they want, we ought to get something back. We ought to be able to say, well, look, we gave Putin this and in return we got this thing that we wanted. And unfortunately, I think with this administration, they’re proving they don’t even care about that part. It’s like, OK, we treated Putin this and we got the plaudits from The New York Times and from the nice media folks in Germany. And that was that, that was what we wanted. That was the thing that we got out of it. And I mean talk about a waste of a foreign policy.”