Throughout the past year we’ve seen leaders in state and local government handle the coronavirus pandemic, protests and riots differently from one another. One state that has been both praised and ridiculed for its handling of Covid-19 is Florida. What we’ve also seen this past year is more and more Americans leaving big cities in states like New York and California for the “Sunshine State.” Republican Miami Mayor Francis Suarez discusses leading his city during the pandemic this past year, how to battle crime and why he thinks people are moving to his state.

As President Biden continues his foreign policy trip through Europe, Americans face tax refund delays and that is sparking fresh debate about how the wealthy are taxed by the government. U.S. Tax Policy Reporter at The Wall Street Journal Richard Rubin joins to discuss how lawmakers’ changes to laws in the middle of tax season have resulted in delays in tax returns and millions of federal refunds being sent out. Rubin breaks down how the child tax credit from the last big stimulus deal will work, how soon this advanced child tax will be phased out and explains the legality of IRS data being leaked in regard to ProPublica’s report on the tax returns of America’s wealthiest people.

Plus, commentary by syndicated columnist and author of “America’s Expiration Date,” Cal Thomas.